Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ordnance QF 25 pdr Gun - 1/144 scale

I now present some pictures from my last job, the British Ordnance QF 25 pounder gun. Is another excellent miniature from Wargames-South, with a fine and detailed casting, a characteristic that this manufacturer has presented to us in the last couple of years.
These awesome miniatures are of such quality that leads me to conclude that I made a great choice for choosing this scale as my favorite one to play WWII.
Just check the excellent gun crew figures, so beautiful.

 The twin brothers - "Les enfant terribles"

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Greek Hoplite and Classic Roman for AWE - Ancient Wargames Rules

I now present some figures, in this case the bases that represent the commands (Generals), used to play the Ancient or Classic períod, using the AWE rules - Arcane Warfare Excel or ABC rules -Arcane Battle Composer.
A project that has undergone several changes in order to achieve a simulation as close as possible to the historical reality.The balance of this simulation with the competitive aspect, it has been by no means an easy task for the author, Jerboa.However I leave here my thanks to the author of AWE, the fact that I have presented to this new game system, which seems to fill some gaps in other game systems, which are used globally.

Greek Hoplite General
Xyston Miniatures 15mm

Homemade decals

Classic Roman General
Corvus Belli miniatures - 15mm
Again homemade shield decals

Litkos bases

Monday, 1 November 2010

M7 "Priest" SPG 1/144 scale

My last purchase was the vehicle of the New Millennium Toys M7 "Priest".
I took a few touches in the paint, and added two gunners from Minifigs to give some momentum to the model. The bullet casings on the floor of the vehicle are in plasticard from Evergreen and the storage is from Pendraken or WGS, I dont remember wich is one!
It's a simple way to improve the ready painted miniatures, significantly improving our WWII gaming table, and is also a simple idea to customize our collection.