Thursday 18 June 2020

T-55 Tank - Northern Alliance - Afghanistan

Almost done.

Needs some pigments, oil/fuel stains, and afghan crew! To play Lorenzo Sartori new rules set for modern warfare "HOSTILE GROUND".

1/48 Tamiya plastic kit!
a must


Thursday 11 July 2019

1/56th scale Sandbag Armoured U.S. Sherman M4A3 - Warlord Games

Sunday 12 May 2019

Fidalgo Modules by Bandua - so niiice!

Hi guys!

The new Bandua "Fidalgo Modules" arrived last friday.
Is Sunday and everything is mounted and ready to start working!
Thanks to the discount Bandua offers to members of the "Brigada Tripeira" wargames club, the cost of the modules became more affordable.
As if that was custom-made! 😃

All clean and nicely tidy.

Plenty of room to pack up about two hundred of painting jars, brushes, etc.

The tiers corner... so nice!

And ready to Rock'n Roll!!

Almost total caos!