Friday, 26 November 2010

"Acht komma Acht" - Flak 36 88mm

My best German A/T gun, are this two beautiful "88" miniatures casted by WGS.
Both gun and  crew are made with fine detail and accuracy, I just love them!
Front view
Wargames-South Kit - 1/144

After the battle at Halfaya Pass a member of Rommel’s staff overheard a captured British tank driver under interrogation expressing his indignation: "In my opinion," said the Englishman with an unfriendly glance at a near-by 88,"it is unfair to use ‘flak’ against our tanks."
A German artilleryman who was sitting on his haunches near by, listening to the interpretation, interjected excitedly, "Ja, and I think it most unfair of you to attack with tanks whose armour nothing but an 88 will penetrate."


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