Saturday, 19 November 2011

British Ram Kangaroo - 1/144 scale

Mais uma pequena maravilha da Wargames-South com interior detalhado.

Another little wonderful miniature from Wargames-South, with detailed interior.

From Wiki:
A Kangaroo was a World War II Commonwealth or British armoured personnel carrier (APC), created by conversion of a tank chassis. Created as an expedient measure by the Canadian Army, the Kangaroos were so successful that they were soon being used by British forces as well. Their ability to manoeuvre in the field with the tanks was a major advantage over earlier designs, and led to the dedicated APC designs that were introduced by almost all armies immediately after the war.

British "Funnie" - Sherman DD

Mais um excelente modelo da Wargames- South do catálogo "British Funnies", o tank Sherman DD.

Another excellent Wargames-South miniature, from "British Funnies" catalog, the Sherman DD tank.

From Wiki:
DD tanks (the DD standing for Duplex Drive, but nicknamed Donald Duck tanks), were a type of amphibious swimming tankdeveloped by the British during the Second World War. The phrase is mostly used for the Duplex Drive variant of the M4 Shermanmedium tank, that was used by the Western Allies during and after the Normandy Landings in June 1944.
DD tanks worked by erecting a 'flotation screen' around the tank, which enabled it to float, and had a propeller powered by the tank's engine to drive them in the water.
The DD tanks were one of the many specialised assault vehicles, collectively known as Hobart's Funnies, devised to support the planned invasion of Europe.



Monday, 14 November 2011

SU-85, SU-100 & Red Army LEE Tank

Para reforçar as minhas unidades blindadas russas, terminei de pintar umas viaturas que tinha comprado à uns meses à Wargames-South.

To strengthen my Russian armored units, I finished painting some vehicles that I had bought a few months ago to Wargames-South.

SU-100 - WGS model
Tank commander - Pithead miniatures

SU-85 - WGS model
Tank commander - Pithead miniatures

LEE tank -WGS model

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