Friday, 3 October 2014

Battlegroup demo game - Espimodel 2014

Last September, I made a Battlegroup demo game in Espimodel.
Here are some photos from my gaming table.

Event general view

The table display
Scenario - Counter-Attack at Gruchy

German line - All units started the game in Ambush Fire

Panzer IV troop, waiting for the killing!
The panzer IV in the center is an "Ace".

The Canadian (and yes, they have British marks) battlegroup started the game in "Move" mode, completely off guard without knowing what will happen to them soon!!
Shermans "M4" from Plastic Soldier.

"Firefly" from Forged in Battle

The infantry follows immediately behind the tanks.

The German objective, enter in any building at Gruchy
Knocked Panzer IV from Peter Pig

The 6pdr gun enter in the battle as reinforcement.
Figures and gun from Peter Pig.

Waiting for the German armour!

The german infantry opens fire!

Panzer's IV from Peter Pig

The Pak 40 joins the party!

The other Pak 40 opens fire too.
Peter Pig gun.
Gun Crew - Peter Pig mixed with Battlefront

Seconds before the slaughter! Poor guys!

Church from Hovels.

All buildings and miniatures are part of my 15mm collection.

Buildings from:
- CPRbattlezone
- Hovels
- Kerr & King
- Airfix

Figures and vehicles from:
- Plastic Soldier Company
- Peter Pig
- Forged in Battle
- Battlefront


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

CPRBattlezone upgrade base for Airfix Resin Buildings

Hi Guys

Last week my friend Carlos Ramos from CPRBattlezone ( or, offer me one off is resin upgrade bases for Airfix resin models.

It's a high quality resin piece, it fits perfectly with Airfix buildings as you can see in the following pictures:

The Airfix model

The CPRBattlezone piece (all ready primed by CPR)

It looks very nice!!

Just see how they fix perfectly!!

With an 15mm figure (from PSC)

With an 20mm figure (from SHQ)


or 15mm

20mm vs 15mm

Now, it just needs a proper painting job ;-)


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hey Kitty Kitty!!... Side by Side "423" & "424"

Well, two different manufacturers, to nice Panther tank miniatures.
Wich is wich??

Peter Pig side by side with Battlefront (the Jagdpanther it's an outsider !)
 I mixed pieces from both "kits"
Ready to primer!

Final look!

Peter Pig (hardened version) with some Battlefront stowage and side skirts.

Battlefront - Ernst Barkmann box.

Just check this detail... in 15mm

Hope ou like them!

Sunday, 19 January 2014