Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crusader AA Mark II/III Tank

Outro modelo fantástico e original da Wargames-South em 1/144.

Another nice and an original model from Wargames-South in 1/144.
The Anti-Aircraft versions of the Crusader were developed in response to the perceived need to counter German "tank-busting" ground attack aircraft. The first design using one Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun on a Crusader III chassis was unsophisticated in design and unsuccessful in application. The Crusader III A.A. Mk II was an improved design with an enclosed turret and twin 20mm Oerlikon cannon capable of firing explosive, incendiary or practice rounds at up to 450 rounds per minute. The main limitation was, once again, crew accommodation.
The Crusader III A.A. Mk III was the final version. It addressed the cramped crew conditions by adding a raised coaming at the rear of the turret. Crusader AA II and III vehicles were used in front line duties with British and Polish armoured units after D-Day. However, due to the effective air cover by the RAF they only saw limited action.