Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ordnance QF 25 pdr Gun - 1/144 scale

I now present some pictures from my last job, the British Ordnance QF 25 pounder gun. Is another excellent miniature from Wargames-South, with a fine and detailed casting, a characteristic that this manufacturer has presented to us in the last couple of years.
These awesome miniatures are of such quality that leads me to conclude that I made a great choice for choosing this scale as my favorite one to play WWII.
Just check the excellent gun crew figures, so beautiful.

 The twin brothers - "Les enfant terribles"

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  1. Já não tenho mais adjectivos para qualificar a qualidade dos teus modelos - por isso a partir de agora vou utilizar a palavra - BIS.

    Os teus brits agora já possuem artilharia de campanha média e AT (deserto), só falta a pesada.

    Está quase completo o leque de modelos do teu exercito Inglês - continua com o bom trabalho.