Sunday, 1 December 2013

Battlegroup - Fast Painting Day

Some friends of mine asked me to do them an demo of how I paint so fast my 15mm figures, that I use to play Battlegroup, at the local modeling store, Marsigor - Maia - Portugal.

So, I show them how I paint an British infantry squad in less than 30 minutes!

Starting the demo with an friend (left) whos painting some 20mm IDF figures, preparing my next year project: Adapting Battlegroup set of rules for the Six Days War! Now, that's a real challenge.

I'm (the guy seated at the right corner of the tabel) explaining some painting tips to my friend Mário (stand up)
Just check my Battlegroup books collection, for the visitors to take a pic.

I'm watching Rui Figueirinhas painting speed  ;))

My brush is almost faster than the light speed, and they are watching it!

Work in progress, the first batch.

My work in display

Almost done. Painting the details

Some FIB Sd.Kfz 251's on display.

Cleaning the brush!! Job done!!

The final result - 12 x 15mm figures.

In less than 30 minutes with some chat in between.

Someone knows what is this?


  1. Whoa, thats some quick painting!
    My guess on the last pic is some texture material from Vallejo, possibly sandy paste?

  2. Hi Jonathan.
    Thanks for your comment.

    Your guess is wrong ;)

    Keep guessing!

  3. Ho God
    My IDF is going in the way. Six Day war ieee.
    I have 3 half-trucks for a squad.

    Rui Figueirinhas