Monday, 9 January 2012

Humber AC - Comparison

Continuando a apresentação das ofertas que os vários fabricantes de miniaturas à escala 1/144 apresentam, chegou a vez do Humber Armoured Car da Wargames-South e da Pro-Hobby.
O modelo da  Pro-Hobby , foi repintado para ser utilizado no teatro europeu, dado que a pintura de origem tinha as cores utilizadas pelo 8º Exército em África.

Continuing the presentation of the many offerings that the various manufacturers of 1/144 miniature scale display, the time came for the Humber Armoured Car from Wargames-South and Pro-Hobby.
The  Pro-Hobby model, was repainted for use in the European theater, as the original paint color was used by the 8th Army in Africa.

Esquerda / Left  - Wargames-South miniature
Direita / Right - Pro-Hobby miniature

Duas miniaturas de excelente qualidade
Two miniatures with excellent quality



  1. I have two models that I mixed. It seems that on the ProHobby model, the turret does not comply (too narrow), while the WGS looks like a Mk.II or Mk.III.
    For the WGS model, the glacis is too wide at the top and not high enough, and the opening of the driver is too low, while the shape of the front of the ProHobby is really in accordance.
    At the back, everything is good for the two models.
    So I put the turret and the wheels of the WGS model on the model ProHobby.

    I can send you a picture for comparison.

    Y. Tramini

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    Hi Tramini, thanks for the info and please send me a picture.