Monday, 29 November 2010

Großkatzen - German Tiger Tanks

Again, some of my 1/72 miniatures.
Have fun
"Wir werden Sieger - durch unsren Tiger"
(We will be victorious - thanks to our Tigers)
Esci King Tiger kit - 1/72
(Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II Ausf. B Königstiger)
The German King Tiger Tank was introduced in early 1944 and was the most powerful tank during world war 2. With its powerful 88mm gun and an almost impenetrable front armor, it was one of the most feared weapons of world war 2. Up to the end of the war, the allies had not introduce any effective means to counter the threat.

Hasegawa Tiger I kit - 1 /72
Extra armour with T34 tracks
Turn my back on you
(Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. E Tiger I)

The first time Tiger saw action was on August 29th of 1942 and September 21st/22nd at Mga, southeast of Leningrad with 1st company of sPzAbt 502. The unsuccessful engagements ended in the new Tiger being captured by the Soviets, who then examined it and exhibited during the captured equipment exhibition in Moscow’s Gorky Park in 1943. The failure of Tigers was attributed to mechanical problems as well as poor terrain conditions, totally unsuitable for heavy tanks. In December of 1942, Tigers from sPzAbt 501, saw action near Tunis in North Africa.


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