Wednesday, 27 October 2010

SdKfz 250's Collection - 1/144 scale

My "little" SdKfz 250's, are my favorites H/T's.
I made several decorations to change the look of my monochrome units used on my gaming table.
 WGS miniature
 SdKfz 250/7- Vehicle and figures within are WGS (Fallshimjager with 81mm mortar).
The fallshimjager equipped with a panzerfaust and hidden in the rear of the vehicle is a Pendraken figure.
 WGS miniature
 SdKfz 250/10 - WGS vehicle.
The Pak 37 and gun crew are Pendraken miniatures.
WGS vehicle with Metal Troops crew

This post is dedicated especially to the members of, wich have posed some questions about the diferences between the miniatures from various manufacturers.
Thanks to them it's possible to build several WWII armies in its different periods and campaigns, either "Early" or "Late".

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