Monday, 3 October 2016

Battlegroup demo game at Modelscala 2016

My 28mm Battlegroup Overlord demo game table at Modelscala 2016.

Everything is in place, ready to play.

The first "customer"!

The Panzer IV ausf H in action.

The german squad looking for a target.

British airborne squad in ambush.

Paras Forward Headquarters

Para squad moving on.

The Cromwell Recce Tank in position.

German MG unit running to a better position in the woods.

The main objectve in flames.

German HMG firing.

The German Medium Mortar team waiting for fire orders.

General view!

My friend Rui Figueirinhas (left), playing with the german platoon.


Friday, 2 September 2016

British Airborne Platoon - 28mm

After the German SS platoon, the British Para Platoon for Batlegroup.

Figures from:
Artizan Designs
Crusader Miniatures
Black Tree Designs

The Command Squad

1st Squad

2nd Squad

3th Squad

1st Bren Team

2nd Bren Team

3th Bren Team

Light Mortar Team


Sniper with Spotter


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cromwell with burlap camo - 28mm

And as promised...

Just finished now!
To much fun painting this miniature.
A nice addition for my Battlegroup recce units.

Cromwell cruiser tank covered in burlap camouflage from Warlord miniatures.

What's next?? Hummmmm!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

28mm German SS / Panzer Grenadier - the end

Tcham Tcham!!

Finally, job done.
My first 28mm German Battlegroup Platoon.

Figures from:
Artizan - Warlord - Black Tree Designs

Command Squad

1st Squad

2nd Squad

3rd Squad

1st MG Team

2nd MG Team

3rd MG Team

Panzerschreck Team

Panzerfaust platoon option figures

Next job!

Hope you enjoy it, cheers guys!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

28mm German SS / Panzer Grenadier (WIP) - 2

German SS / Grenadiers platoon on the way, for my new Battlegroup 28mm units.

Done: Details, satin varnish and wash (Army Painter Soft Tone).

Next: Insignia decals, some highlights, a bit of pin wash, and  matt varnish.