"Tuga Models" - 1/56 Miniatures

"Tuga Models", from Portugal

Please send your orders to: mariolaranja@gmail.com

A new brand of wargaming miniatures in 1/56 scale, which uses the 3D printing for the production of his miniatures.

The material used is PLA filament, which allows the normal use of plastic kits glue and its size is fully compatible with models produced by others manufacturers.

Tracked Vehicles (Tanks, etc): €12
Wheeled Vehicles - €10
(plus P.P.)

Vehicles available for sale:

BA-27M (1937)
T34/76 (1940)
GAZ AAA mobile fuelling station
GAZ-AA Armoured Truck with Maxim AA Gun
StuG IV –Ausf J chassi with "Thoma shields" wire mesh schürzen
FORD MODEL A Pickup – civilian version
FORD MODEL A Pickup Cistern – civilian version
GAZ-67, 4x4, Command Car
Armoured Tractor KhTZ-16
Medium Tractor STZ-3
ZiS-5, 3-ton
ZiS-3, 76mm

GAZ AAA mobile fuelling station

StuG IV (late)


The 2nd prototype


The 1st prototype

Sherman ARV

Please stay tunned, because there will be some new features this year, including the production of scenic material in laser cut MDF.

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